Toronto New Uber Rules Approved by City Council

Toronto New Uber Rules Approved by City Council

Toronto city council has approved new measures that makes Uber and UberX ride sharing legal in the city of Toronto.  Torontonians now have a legal, regulated UberX travel option for getting around the city.

Some of the new measures approved by council:

  • Allow private transportation companies (PTCs) like Uber to operate in Toronto, booked only through a smartphone app, with a $3.25 minimum fare, no maximum fares and “surge” peak-time pricing.
  • Allow taxis to adopt “surge” peak-time pricing for rides booked via smartphone app, and to discount pricing as long as drivers aren’t forced to pay the cost of the discount.
  • Maintain requirements for taxis to have cameras, and flashing emergency lights, but not for PTCs. Have city staff report back next year on whether PTCs need cameras.
  • Ensure PTCs and taxis have insurance of at least $2 million on all drivers for bodily injury, death and damages to people or property.
  • Undo 2014 reforms that would have phased out ownership of “standard” plates as a commodity and ensure all cabs be disabled-accessible by 2014.

For more details regarding the approved measures, refer to this Toronto Star post: